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    God loves His creation - all of mankind. There are many who love God. The name Theophilus is a Greek word in the New Testament that means "loved by God" or a "friend of God." That describes me and how I live my life. It describes many others in this world, as well. We all, perhaps, could be called "Theophilus." Thus, I am just one Theophilus among many.

    I created the 1Theophilus podcast to encourage those who want to know more about God, Jesus, and the Bible. Join us each Monday for a new episode to help you in your journey to be loved by God and to love God.

    As far as me personally, I am nothing more than a servant in the Lord's kingdom. I am a Christian, a Bible student, a Bible teacher, a minister, a missionary, a husband to a lovely wife, a friend to many, and one who is just trying to be more like Jesus each day. 

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